Why Are My Arm Veins Bulging?

Why Are My Arm Veins Bulging?

Prominent, bulging veins in your arms and hands aren’t usually a sign of a serious health concern.

For many patients, however, they are a concern when it comes to appearance: you want bulging veins taking care of so that you can look and feel your best!

In some cases, you may not be able to prevent bulging veins, though you can often take preventative measures that will decrease their occurrence.

Understanding their causes, however, may help you decide whether or not you want to seek treatment.

The Cause of Bulging Veins

There are several factors that can go into bulging veins on your hands and arms, especially veins that appear to bulge out on a temporary basis.

Before you become concerned that there might be a problem, consider whether or not any of these factors are an issue:

#1 You’ve recently engaged in exercise, especially weight lifting, or you exercise very frequently

For weight lifters, bulging veins can actually be a sign of success, since bulging veins in the hands or arms indicate that the overall body fat percentage has been lowered significantly. Veins may also appear to bulge temporarily following a heavy lifting session or in the aftermath of other heavy exercise programs.

#2 Your internal body temperature has risen significantly due to either illness or warm weather

Bulging veins during illness should be mentioned to your doctor, but should not be considered a serious symptom unless there is another reason to suspect a problem.

#3 You’re drinking significantly more water than usual, since being well hydrated may cause your veins to appear larger than normal

#4 You’re getting older

It’s normal for the appearance of your veins to change as you age since thinner skin can make them appear more prominent.

#5 You’ve been out in hot weather

While this is more common if you’ve been out in the heat for an extended period of time, even a short period of time in intense temperatures can cause the temporary appearance of bulging veins.

#6 You’ve lost a significant amount of weight, decreasing your body fat percentage enough that your veins are highly visible

Weight loss often causes surprising changes in your entire body and should be taken into consideration when you’re experiencing odd symptoms.

#7 You have a vascular disease or other serious problem

Note that these conditions are rarely the cause of bulging veins in the hands and arms and usually come with other noticeable symptoms.

Do You Relate to Any of these Causes?

Now, keep in mind that veins are generally present for one reason: to carry blood back to the heart. Bulging veins that are larger in appearance are still carrying out this function for your body.

Note that they are most likely to bulge during exercise, especially as heart rate and blood pressure rise, and often go back to normal quickly.

This is not, however, always the case.

You see, in some cases, bulging veins may appear to be permanent or may not go away after a short period of time.

While this is perfectly normal, for many individuals, their unsightly appearance is the cause of a great deal of embarrassment.

Solving Your Bulging Veins Problem

Have you found yourself wearing long sleeves even in hot weather? Are you embarrassed by the appearance of bulging veins in your hands or arms?

While there’s no reason for embarrassment – and this is, in fact, a fairly common problem – it’s important that you be comfortable in your own skin.

For that reason, many people choose to seek treatment for bulging hand and arm veins. Old-school treatment meant surgical solutions – which, for most people, simply wasn’t worth it.

Today’s solutions for bulging veins, however, are much less invasive.

Now, bulging veins can be handled as a simple outpatient procedure that will allow patients to get back to their lives more quickly.

It’s worth seeking treatment for bulging veins if:

    • You’re embarrassed by the appearance of bulging veins in your arms or hands, especially if you’ve found yourself trying to hide them when you’re out in public
    • You feel that bulging veins are inhibiting your overall quality of life
    • You’re concerned that your bulging veins may be signs of a health problem
  • You don’t like the appearance of your bulging veins and want to change it as soon as possible

Visiting a vein clinic is one of the easiest ways to get the treatment you need to change the appearance of bulging veins.

Many clinics are able to significantly reduce the appearance of bulging veins in arms without changing their functionality, allowing them to continue delivering blood from your hands and arms back to your heart.

These simple procedures carry an easy recovery that won’t compromise your quality of life during treatment – the best of all worlds when you’re seeking treatment for bulging veins.

If you need a clinic that will help give you back your desired appearance and keep you looking your best, contact us today to learn how we can connect you with a range of specialists.

Medically reviewed by Dr. Susanne Woloson on 5-01-2020.

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