Why Do I have Red Spider Veins on My Face?

 Why Do I Have Red Spider Veins on My Face?

Often, the red spider veins that you see appear on your face can be a nuisance for someone people or even humiliating for others. The good news is that these veins are not a health risk, but are more of a cosmetic problem.

These spider veins are broken blood vessels that have become dilated and are now more noticeable. These are the same tiny facial veins that are all over the entire face. However, they merely are noticeable when they are more exacerbated, and they leave the face and nose with that red hue to it. These face spider veins may be caused by a variety of different factors including sun damage, aging, hereditary factors, injuries, or they can even be the results of a topical cream or solution that was used on your skin.

In more extreme cases these veins can be caused by hormone shifts with pregnancy or menopause or even as a result of the consistent overconsumption of alcohol.

red spider veins nosered spider veins nosered spider veins nose

What Treatment is Available for These Red Spider Veins on My Face?

The good news is that there are treatments for these unsightly red veins that have appeared on your face. One conventional treatment for these veins is to get rid of them through laser therapy. Some people will find this to work well for them while it may cause scarring for others. The standard face vein treatment will start around $300-$400 per session, and the number of procedures that are required will depend on the veins and how noticeable they are and will vary from person to person.

red veins nose

If laser therapy is not a good option for you, sclerotherapy is another option that works for many people. Sclerotherapy is another minimally invasive treatment for these types of veins through which a solution is injected into the vein that causes it to collapse. The collapsed vein then is absorbed back into the body over time while not posing any health risk to your health. This treatment is affordable at about $250 per session and usually takes less than an hour. However, some follow-up treatments may be needed depending on the individual case at hand.

Red Spider Veins on Face – Topical Solutions – A Short-Term Solution:

For those who may not want to get something like laser or sclerotherapy treatments for their veins, there are topical treatments that are available as well. There are a whole variety of creams and lotions that are available that will help lessen the severity and noticeability of red facial spider veins without ever having to undergo lasers to do it.

These creams will not take care of your spider veins. However, they can help camouflage them in the short-term. Some of these creams can also get quite costly being priced at $50 or more for just one small container of the solution.

Ultimately, topical creams are not long-term treatment and are not going to eliminate spider-veins as the solution cannot get under the skin to treat the veins for total elimination.

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