Our Medical Team

The Ultimate Vein Guide’s Medical team focuses on ensuring TUVG content, upholds the highest standards of medical integrity. Our medical team also provides medical review for all clinical content. Covering the full spectrum of medicine, The Ultimate Vein Guide’s physicians, technologist and patient advocates help ensure that the information you receive is accurate, evidence based, current, and trustworthy.

As one of the leading Varicose vein treatment practices in the United States, The Ultimate Vein Guide staff attends vein conferences for updates in the varicose vein world ecosystem. Our of healthcare professionals reviews our content accordingly, ensuring that existing and newly created content reflects the latest standard of care.

We strive to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of vein health and well-being.

Meet Our Team

Susanne Woloson MD, PhD is a board certified vascular surgeon with more than 20 years of varicose vein treatment. She started performing varicose vein surgery in the operating room and now uses minimally invasive procedures predominantly in her outpatient office. She stays up to date with modern vein care techniques by attending conferences yearly. She operates Northwest Vascular and Vein Specialists, one of the busiest vein practices, in the Chicago area.

Kenneth Langworthy RVT is a registered vascular technologist that has been assisting with varicose vein procedures for more than 20 years. He has been performing vascular ultrasounds in a hospital and outpatient setting and is registered with the ARDMS. Ken has worked with Dr. Woloson at Northwest Vascular and Vein Specialists for 18 years helping patients with their vein disease.