Your Guide To Finding The Best Sock Aid in 2020

A sock aid can help with the difficulty of putting on compression stockings and socks.  Compression socks can be difficult to put on and remove, there are a few simple devices sold online that can make your life easier. 

What is a Compression Sock Aid?

A compression sock aid will help with putting on compression socks.  Compression socks can improve your health and daily life, but if you’re like most vein patients, your compression socks continue to sit on your dresser, collecting dust. It’s not that you’re lazy or even forgetful. In fact, you keep promising yourself that you really will wear them starting tomorrow.

The problem is that compression stockings are difficult to get on and off!help I need a sock aid!

Limited range of motion can make just reaching your feet difficult, so maneuvering those super tight socks can feel impossible.

If you struggle with any pain in your hips, shoulders, knees, or about anywhere, you may find it intolerable to bend, turn, and twist yourself like a pretzel to pull on some stockings. Finally, stiff hands can limit the ability you need to wrestle with the stretchy fabric.

With all that hassle, who could blame you for eyeing your compression stockings before heading out the door without them—again?

Fortunately, there are some very simple, practical, and affordable sock aids that make it truly easy to don and remove your stockings so you can enjoy their many benefits.

Read on to learn how to quickly pull on and remove compression stockings without bending over, tearing holes in the fabric, or tugging at slipping socks.

Sock Sliders

Sock Sliders can be purchased from a variety of medical supply companies that are available on Amazon and provide a helpful solution. The tight material is what makes compression socks work, but it’s also what makes them so very difficult to put on. 

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Simply slide your sock onto the sock slider frame, step in with your foot, then pull it up your leg with the frame handles. Because the stocking is held open by the frame, there is no compression, making it easy to pull on compression socks without resistance quickly. When it comes time to remove your stockings, slide them back down your leg inside out, or check out the next product for another valuable sock aid.

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This Sock Helper Will Prevent Bending Over

This sock helper will reduce bending over to put on and remove socks. The Sock-Eez looks a little bit like a giant shoe horn with a hook in the middle. Slide the aid under the sock, at the very top, then move it down your leg and toward your foot. The hook will catch the stocking, pulling it off as you continue down your leg.

Sock-Eez Sock Aid

This sock helper makes it easy to slide your sock off without bending or pulling. Here’s a pro tip to make your life even easier: If you’re right-handed, slide the removal aid down the right side of each leg; if you’re left-handed, push it down the left side.

Avoid Runs in Your Compression Socks: Rubber Gloves

Compression socks can be frustratingly difficult to grip and easy to tear. Rather than trying to pinch the slippery material without poking holes with your fingernails, check out these special rubber gloves. Both Jobst and Sigvaris sell sets of these gloves for as little as $7.00. Bonus: this sock aid also makes it easy to smooth out wrinkles once your socks are on!

Jobst Rubber Gloves

Before placing an order for the Jobst rubber gloves, you might want to see if your ordinary kitchen rubber gloves will do the trick. Many people find that a simple form of rubber gloves is all they need to get in and out of their socks while avoiding runs.

Keep Compression Socks from Slipping: Sock Glue

Some compression socks come with handy silicone bands to keep socks from slipping. Others rely on a garter belt for security throughout the day. However, if your style lacks that band and a garter belt just isn’t a feasible option, you may find yourself tugging up compression socks as they slip throughout the day.

Sock Glue

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Sock glue is a roll-on adhesive that keeps your compression stockings in place until you’re ready to take them off again. For best results, apply in vertical strips up and down your leg before pulling on your socks. This simple sock aid will allow you to go throughout your day without being distracted by slipping stockings.

Make Compression Socks Work for You

If you struggle with varicose veins or spider veins, talk to your doctor about the best compression stockings for your vein health. Then, check out any of these sock aids to easily incorporate compression stockings into your daily routine and reap the benefits for your health and comfort.

Medically reviewed by Dr. Susanne Woloson on 5-01-2020.