Category: Venous Stasis


Brown Spots on Legs and Feet

  If you notice that you have brown spots on your lower legs, feet or ankles, you may want to schedule an appointment with a vein specialist. Brown discolorations or spots typically signify an underlying vein disorder, a disorder you may not even be aware of, that is getting worse. Why Do I Have... Read More


Treating Wounds with Absorbent Alginate Dressing

  What is Alginate Dressing? Absorbent Alginate dressing is typically used as a dressing for chronic to acute wounds. The alginate dressings work well as when they are put onto the wound they immediately begin forming a firm, moist gel also known as a hydrophilic gel which is both highly absorbent... Read More


Venous Stasis Dermatitis

Venous Stasis Dermatitis is a change in the color or texture of the skin and most commonly affects the lower extremities as a result of impaired venous blood flow. It's a chronic condition that requires long-term care and management to prevent the cutaneous sequela of Chronic Venous Insufficiency... Read More