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My Doctor Told Me I Have Perforator Veins. What Are They?

A Guide to Perforator Veins There is a system of veins that are relatively unknown to the average patient.The system of veins are known are perforator veins. The venous system of the lower limbs consists primarily of deep and superficial veins.  There are two main superficial veins: the Great Saphenous... Read More


Why Do I Have Blue Veins on My Chest?

Have you recently noticed the development of blue veins on your chest or breasts? If so, you have probably found yourself struggling with a variety of emotions: fear, self-consciousness, concern, frustration. While all of these are natural and normal when noticing unexplained bodily changes, it is important... Read More


Why Do I have Red Spider Veins on My Face?

 Why Do I Have Red Spider Veins on My Face? Often, the red spider veins that you see appear on your face can be a nuisance for someone people or even humiliating for others. The good news is that these veins are not a health risk, but are more of a cosmetic problem. These spider veins are broken blood... Read More